What makes us different



The Dramatic Resources Approach

Challenging, memorable and effective, our training uses a combination of demonstration, practical exercises and individual feedback. There is very little sitting down and absolutely no PowerPoint. The training is responsive to the needs of the participants and a hallmark is the use of an iterative rehearsal process to bring about behavioural change. For most participants it is this process of experimentation and feedback that has the greatest impact.


Our Story - All the World's a Stage

Directors Ruth Ingledow, Richard Hahlo & Geoff Church

Directors Ruth Ingledow, Richard Hahlo & Geoff Church

The DRAMATIC RESOURCES Team today is a diverse collection of highly talented actors, directors, voice coaches, writers, musicians and even a magician and a stand-up comedian. Together we connect with a huge selection of people from all over the world who work in Finance, Industry, IT, Government, Media, Law, Transport, Charities and NGOs.

This came about through the fortuitous coming together of the National Theatre in London, William Shakespeare and market forces at the end of the last century.

Co-founders Richard and Geoff met whilst working at the National Theatre, performing on stage and delivering Shakespeare workshops to schools and community groups all over the UK. At the same time, increasing interest in business sponsorship of the arts led them to adapt their workshops for business leaders, to help them to communicate better in the theatre of work.

Through a series of timely encounters, they were able to extend their practice to business schools and make many connections in the international business community. Ruth joined as Business Director, employing a small team of support staff, and Dramatic Resources as we know it today was born. Very soon we found ourselves spending a lot of time on aeroplanes and our trainer team grew exponentially and internationally to meet the demand. We continue to develop and refine our practice, with the capacity to deliver in five different languages, helping participants perform with more confidence under pressure.

Our trainers still regularly direct and appear in plays, TV and films, creating award-winning productions; honing skills which they draw on to help our colleagues in business inspire their own audiences all over the globe.