our Syllabus

Some content ideas


Choose from a range of topics within the communication skills arena, which can be combined and adapted as we tailor the training to meet your needs.

Here are some ideas to get you started…


Personal Impact

The business of creating presence and charisma can seem like a mysterious process. Learn simple techniques for maximising your impact in meetings and other business scenarios.

Difficult Conversations

Ever had a difficult conversation or delivered a hard message? Highlighting how individuals perceive situations differently, participants rehearse challenging scenarios, and share best practice.


Presentation Skills

Deliver your message with clarity and confidence. On your feet, practical rehearsal of simple techniques to engage an audience and leave them inspired by what you have to say.


Take the next step. Discover the power of story to reassure, motivate and connect with others in a way that emails and PowerPoint slides cannot.


Boardroom Skills

For existing board members, or those stepping up to board level, this work will help raise your confidence and credibility at the board table.

Leading Through Change

Focusing on teamwork, resilience, clear communication and enabling ownership, participants learn how to bring others with them on a journey of change.

Executive Presence

A business leader is constantly in the spotlight. Explore how the behavioural choices you make can change the way you are perceived by others.

Coaching & Giving Feedback

Develop the skills of mentor and coach by discovering how the rehearsal methodology can be used to drive change and improve performance.

Influence & Rapport

Get others to see your point of view and buy-into your ideas; explore the need for risk-taking, clarity of purpose and responsiveness in meetings where time is short and the stakes are high.

Client Relationships

Approach your clients with renewed courage, empathy and strategy by rehearsing techniques for better rapport and more successful client relationships.

Effective Virtual Communication

Raising awareness of the choices available when putting a message across in a virtual arena, this session uses simulation of challenging calls to replicate the pressures of a live situation.

Team Building

In the theatre, teams of people come together to create a high quality product in a very short space of time. Find out how they keep the lines of communication open and the creativity flowing. Fun, experiential and a treat for any team.

Active Networking

Need to make meaningful connections at a networking event?  This session draws on improvisation techniques to maximise networking skills.

Pitching to Win

The perfect pitch requires confidence, flair, flexibility and a rapport with the client.  Finesse your skills, apply them to your material and rehearse for success. 

Our tailored training starts with a conversation.