Client Testimonials

A masterclass in mastering your nerves and making the most of your moment in the spotlight.
— 'In the Spotlight' participant from Adecco Group
Quite simply the best personal development event that I have attended. What can you expect? Lots of astute feedback, fun, and real insight into the whole arena of impact and influence... At the end of the day it is all about you, your development, and your appetite for change. It provides a real chance to take some risks and push the boundaries in an environment of unconditional feedback.
— Head of Account Services, High Street Bank
I loved this lesson and if we do not do more of this in the MBA we will all be lesser people because of it. The ability to carry yourself, connect with an audience in a presentation/ interview, show confidence and be aware of other people’s reactions is essential in leadership. I haven’t met anyone who didn’t enjoy this and I hope we repeat this lesson soon.
— Participant on Madrid IE MBA Programme
I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who has to handle performance management issues or who needs the confidence to address difficult situations to ensure improvements are made and we do not simply walk by problems. I found this element of the course very useful and can easily see how I can ensure my learnings are put into practice.
— Lloyds Banking Group ‘Straight Talking’ attendee
Yes, yes & YES!!! I have already applied the learning - even in the 5 working hours since I left the session. I have been more succinct in my communication, set clear expectations on deliverables and said “No”, with the person receiving the “No” not experiencing disappointment.
— Participant on Cisco Personal Impact for Women Leaders Programme
The event was extremely well designed and presented by the facilitators. The content and examples were applicable to the working environment and making the event as interactive as it was, ensured that all delegates participated and were able to practice the skills and lessons in both a safe an confidential environment. I found it extremely interesting and worthwhile and will recommend to colleagues.
— Conference participant from Lloyds Banking Group
Some of the best individual coaching I have received, both in building confidence and reinforcing existing skills and providing insight and guidance on how to improve and be able to deliver messages more effectively.
— Virtual Coaching participant, Accenture
The journey has been inspiring and creative both for myself and my team and for the delegates who have gone through the experience. This is in part due to the input from Dramatic Resources and our on-going working relationship with them.
— Chief Human Resources Officer, Adecco Group, NA

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