Contributing to Excellence

for Business Schools


We are a leading provider of specialist interventions for business schools, offering an experiential alternative to traditional ‘talk and chalk’ offerings. From Executive Presence to Storytelling, the aim is always to encourage delegates to communicate with greater courage, clarity and flair.


Interactive Seminars

In a unique approach developed over many years of teaching in business schools, we offer a range of exceptional interactive seminars for large groups that combine demonstration, work in pairs, group exercises and coaching of selected individuals.  Part-theatre, part-workshop and guaranteed to be 100% entertaining, this work can stand alone or be combined with small group coaching.


Small Group Coaching

Our work in small groups offers the ultimate traction for participants.  With a dedicated trainer per group, participants take a long look at their own communication style, through individual feedback and coaching. Rigorous, challenging and effective, this work can be a catalyst for behavioural change. It is often combined with an interactive plenary seminar.


On-Going Interventions

Are you looking for a series of interventions on a long-term programme such as an MBA or leadership initiative? We can design innovative and complementary activities that  include seminars, small group coaching, virtual coaching or support of on-going projects.  Talk to us about how we might enhance your next programme.


Faculty Training

For professors and other teaching faculty, our Classroom Presence workshop provides a practical exploration of the tools and techniques needed to engage an audience in the classroom.  The work focuses on presenting with impact, making connections with your audience and handling questions confidently.

Have a look at our Syllabus for topics we can cover

Finally, a session that offers students relevancy. Understanding communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is tremendously important for students’ personal and business lives
— Madrid IE MBA Student

Our tailored training starts with a conversation.