Storytelling: The Three A's

We should all use more stories at work - but how many did you actually use this week?

Despite knowing all the benefits of storytelling in business, it can still feel like a huge challenge. Our advice is always to start small - and it can be as simple as trying out The Three A's:


Use more describing words. They bring visuals and emotions into the conversation. I will never forget, many years ago, one of our clients saying in a brainstorming meeting "we need a big, fat, hairy idea!" - a bit extreme perhaps but I've never forgotten it. 



Use a comparative, everyday image to bring an idea to life. Adam Hawkins, who has been consulting to us at Dramatic Resources for the last few years is great at this. When he first met with us as directors, he said - "If DR was a restaurant, you guys would still be in the kitchen."

The image stayed with us and we are always asking ourselves how and where we should be getting 'out of the kitchen' to work on the business rather than in the business.



Stories don't have to be epic.

Think of a simple incident, relevant to what you are working on, where you or someone you work with solved a problem or overcame an obstacle. Include their names and memorable details. These little stories can be just as powerful as deeper personal ones.

The main thing is - don't wait for the big presentation to start using the tools of story. Start small, and start now.